Making space for complex mental health.

SANE is for people with recurring, persistent or complex mental health issues and trauma, and for their families, friends and communities.

Community and support the way you want it

Choose from a range of community and support options that work for you.

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Want to feel more connected?

SANE forums and groups help you to connect, communicate and share with liked-minded people in a similar situation.

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Need to talk to someone who will listen?

Connect, communicate and share with people who get it.

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Explore SANE Create

Explore SANE Arts

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Looking for guided support?

SANE offers a free guided support program for people looking for extra help.

Stories from the community

We’ve asked people affected by complex mental health issues to share their stories. You’re not alone.

    Join the community

    Connect, communicate and share with like-minded people in a similar situation via our forums and groups.

    People with lived experience

    For anyone with a complex mental health issue.

    Family, friends, workmates and carers

    For anyone who has someone in their life they care about with a mental health issue.

    We are creating change to end mental health inequity, stigma, discrimination and social exclusion

    We’re bridging gaps, creating systemic change, building community and championing employment and economic opportunity for those with complex mental health issues.

    Connection, community, continuity and contribution.


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