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For anyone living with a complex mental health issue

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    For anyone who cares about or for someone living with a mental health issue

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      The SANE Forums are full of people who want to talk to you and offer support. We care about what’s going on for you - because between us all, we’ve been through a lot.


      "I would isolate myself from everyone around me. I never thought that anything I was doing was ever good enough."


      "It seems like, being a man, you’re meant to be tough. You’re meant to be strong. Meant to be non-emotional. There’s no shame in getting help."


      "When my nephew took his life and my sister died 8 weeks later, it was like a nightmare. It was like something that you couldn’t believe was happening."


      "I was just getting told to stop feeling sorry for myself – stop being a sook. And that was the start of me having mental health problems."

      Forum members

      "Nearly 2 and a half years I have been here - been through a lot in that time and had some wonderful support - cannot speak more highly of the moderators here as well as the members - it really is a wonderful community."

      Chat with other people who ‘get it’, with health professionals in the background to ensure everything is safe and supportive.

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      If you sometimes struggle to say it out loud, or tell someone in person – try reaching out for support here: it’s anonymous, safe and supportive.

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      SANE does not provide a crisis counselling service. If you’re feeling distressed and need help now, contact: