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Real-life stories from people affected by complex mental illness.

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'It’s a scary illness, but it doesn’t mean the people who have it are scary. We’re human, just like everyone else.'
'I’m a living example that with help and support you can come out the other side.'

‘I once believed the experience had robbed me of life, but now I realise it’s enriched me’


‘Wellness is a journey. There may be twenty messed up things in our lives, but what are the one or two things we can work on right now?’

‘Life isn’t a flat, smooth road, but you can welcome adversity, and be grateful.’

‘I see my experience with depression and anxiety as a lesson learned. I want to use it to help others that are struggling.’


‘I’ve had depression,’ I said. ‘This is what happened to me.’

Colleagues approached me and said ‘yes, I've been there.’


'As my younger self, I never thought I’d find someone to accept me as I am, warts and all.'

'People say cancer takes over your body to kill you. I believe mental illness takes over your mind to kill you.'
'If you’re caring for someone and feeling isolated, you’ve got to reach out. You are not alone, there are so many of us out there.'
'When I was younger, I didn’t have words to describe the depression and anxiety. I didn’t know how I was feeling. I just knew that I was.'
'I don’t think people understand how debilitating a mental illness can be – it takes over your whole life.'
'Mental illness symptoms are not always visible like a broken arm or physical ailment. You can’t see someone’s internal struggles.'
'A lot of people think carers are saints, not humans. But they are real people who do suffer from isolation, stress and burnout.'

'I look forward to a day when people with mental illness will be accepted for who they are and won’t be judged.'

‘I am a lot more content with the way things are than ever before. I was always frustrated. Now I meditate. It keeps me calm.’
‘When I looked at the hardships my mental illness caused me, only 20% were caused by symptoms . . .'
'Like everyone, it's important for me to find a life/work balance, because I have bipolar I try not to overload myself.'
‘When you have Depression it can affect you like having a bad flu. Your muscles and joints ache, you're in a lot of pain.'
‘We don’t put enough resources into non-medical aspects of treating mental illness. There's much more we could be doing.’
‘Leaving the house could take hours because I would check everything was off.’
‘Once I got out of that place, there was no way I'd ever touch drugs again. I didn’t want to destroy my whole life.'

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Watch a selection of real life stories from people like us.

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