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Supporting an author with their book which focuses on mental health

Opportunity: An author and journalist who has previously collaborated with StigmaWatch for journalistic purposes asked StigmaWatch to review chapters of her upcoming debut book which has a focus on mental ill-health.  

The author asked for feedback on any stigmatising language, whether it was appropriate to add help-seeking information, if any disclaimers were required at the start of the book, and the potential implications of naming a mental health facility in the publication.  

Result: The author’s chapters are well researched and written with consideration, and after reviewing the work, StigmaWatch provided feedback on small changes to copy, suggested to add appropriate help-seeking information, and offered considerations for her decision-making in naming the mental health facility.  

Why it mattered: Mental health is an important topic for the Australian media, authors, and communications professionals to report on and discuss, however it is equally important to do this in a safe and responsible manner that doesn’t contribute to stigma in the community.  

The author was proactive and sought support from StigmaWatch to ensure her work would not cause harm in the community, and instead could very well reduce stigma surrounding mental ill-health in the community.  


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