SANE invites you to 'Discover More' about people living with schizophrenia

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Media release: 21 May 2021

During this year’s Schizophrenia Awareness Week, from Sunday, May 23 – 29, SANE invites and encourages the community to ‘Discover More’ about the creative and passionate people living with schizophrenia.  

SANE is encouraging Australians to look beyond the diagnosis, and celebrate the people living with schizophrenia who have unique and powerful stories. 

Through storytelling by SANE Peer Ambassadors – people living with schizophrenia and other mental health issues, SANE provides opportunities for the community to develop a new and real perspective of life with schizophrenia.  

SANE invites you to Discover More about these voices of lived experience: 

  • Sandy, and how her creativity gave her freedom from a broken health care system 
  • Jenni and Niall, and the importance of connecting with community 
  • Phoebe, what she wishes people understood about ‘schizophrenia’ 
  • Evan, and how Schizophrenia has humanised him and made him a better person 

SANE Peer Ambassador, Evan, a Community Educator and passionate mental health advocate, lives with schizophrenia, and believes the condition has offered him a rich learning in life.  

“My lived experience with schizophrenia has made me a better person,” Evan said.  

“It has humanised my life and has made me look for the strengths that it gives people. 

“For me, there’s so much for people to learn as well as un-learn about schizophrenia – my advice to the community is it humanise rather than generalise people.  

“So much of my recovery and healing has come from my volunteering and community engagement – support from co-workers, friends, my church and medical practitioners.” 

“Having spoken to our Peer Ambassadors living with schizophrenia, it’s clear to us at SANE that there’s a disconnection in the community’s perception of the diagnosis, and what living with schizophrenia is really like,” SANE Australia CEO, Ms Green said.  

“We’re here to let those voices be heard, so that the broader community can understand and celebrate these wonderful people who are enjoying fulfilling lives, while also living with schizophrenia.” 

“We also know that each person’s experience with schizophrenia is different, that’s why we’re inviting the community to Discover More about them as people – take some time to discover something you didn’t know, engage with someone who has a lived experience, challenge your own ideas.” 

SANE has a dedicated web page and social media content with blogs, articles, Instagram Q&A’s for the community to Discover More about the voices of lived experiences with schizophrenia. Click here to Discover More.  

SANE has also launched its annual appeal, raising funds for its vital support services. Thanks to the generosity of corporate partner, Reece who have committed $50,000 towards the appeal, every gift made to the appeal will be doubled. Click here to donate. 

Anyone in need of support for schizophrenia or other complex mental health issues can access our SANE Support Services. SANE has phone and online counselling and referrals from qualified counsellors who care. Call 1800 187 263.  

Go to to receive peer support from a community of people who want to connect and help. It’s a safe and supportive space moderated 24/7 by health professionals. 

About schizophrenia:  

  • Schizophrenia disrupts the functioning of the mind, and affects a person's thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and behaviour. 
  • Typically, a person living with schizophrenia will experience two types of symptoms: short but intense episodes of psychosis and longer-term non-psychotic symptoms related to mood, motivation and emotional expression. 
  • Experiences vary from person to person and episode to episode. Not everyone experiences schizophrenia the same way. Schizophrenia is manageable – through evidence-based treatment by qualified mental health professionals.  
  • Schizophrenia affects roughly 20 million people worldwide. 


To request an interview with SANE CEO, Rachel Green or a Peer Ambassador with a lived experience of schizophrenia contact:  Jaimee Damon, StigmaWatch and Media Coordinator, 0421 847 303 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

About SANE 
SANE is a national mental health charity that aims to make a real difference. We work to support four million Australians affected by complex mental health issues including schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and severe depression and anxiety.  

Last updated: 9 June 2021

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